Incremental Update OpenLink 0.5x 0.73b

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This script should update your OpenLink 0.5x to 0.73b.

This script updates Openlink for all ppc-boxes to 0.73b. After that all boxes are in the same state It is planned to enhance this script to support the LS2 (mips) also.

Also notice that this script updates only an OpenLink 0.5x to 0.73b. if you used a previous version of the updater script, you have to reflash OpenLink 0.5x before using it!

Using the Script

cd /tmp 
mkdir update 
cd update 
tar -xzvf update-ppc-OL-0_5x-0_73b_v7.tar.gz 

Script Source

Look at the talk-page if you want to have a look at the source.

Forum Thread

Incremental update for OpenLink 0.5x -> 0.73b (LS1/HG/HS) available

Change Log of the script

Incremental Update OpenLink 0.5x 0.73b

  • v7: added /bin/su to the update-package, added note about enabling telnet before using the script
  • v6: added 2 missing busybox links for /usr/bin/[ & /usr/bin/[[
  • v5: added the removal of the unnecessary dropbear-stuff....dropbear was replaced by OpenSSH...
  • v4: added missing busybox-binary to the update-package
  • v3: added /etc/ (/opt/lib) & /etc/profile (PATH to /opt/bin & /opt/sbin) to the update-tarball
    • changed links in /www/cgi-bin4/applaunch.cgi to be relative and removed the unnecessary perl stuff
  • v2: disabled first startup script which is only needed if complete image is reflashed and which caused a 6 times flash
  • v1: initial release

Fix for SFTP

mkdir -p /mnt/ls_config/COMPILING/openssh-4.3p2/PACKAGE
cd /mnt/ls_config/COMPILING/openssh-4.3p2/PACKAGE
ln -s /usr usr