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Kernel 2.6 Project

The Linkstation Wiki 2.6 series linux kernel effort is divided into three projects, one for each architecture.
PowerPC - 2.6: DONE, up2date kernel available
MIPSel - 2.6: work in progress
ARM - 2.6: stock recompiled and succesfully loaded


There are instructions on how to Upgrade to the 2.6-kernel (ppc only). This is currently working on the LS1, LS HG, LS HS, and Kurobox and Kurobox HG.

Check this string in the Forum first:

When we get access to Terastation and other Buffalo hardware either through donations or other means support will be added in for this hardware. André is the current maintainer of this project, here is his page detailing the Linkstation kernel releases. <feed url="">




Work is in progress on a working 2.6 linux kernel for the LS2 (which is based on little endian MIPS).

Check this string in the Forum first:

The following wiki page is the main development page for the 2.6-kernel(mips)

Link all information & related files there and add what you tried.

Currently there is support for this in André's bootloader and Eiji has created a bootloader that successfully loads custom kernels. Eiji's loader can be found here [1]


Check this forum section:

Especially look at: