AVR watch-dog daemon for Linkstation

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avr_evtd is an operating system daemon and should be started from /etc/init.d or /usr/local/sbin. It will return immediately, so you don't need to start it with '&'.

avr_evtd is a simple and small user space interface to the Linkstation AVR micro-controller. It doesn't have a lot of special features, but it's main task is to provide 'keep-alive' messages to the Linkstation's on-board AVR device. This device controls/monitors the fan, various LEDs, timed power up and two buttons. This daemon provides the necessary initialisation to the device and also stimulates the LEDs depending on various fault conditions. It also monitors a power button (located at the front) and a reset button (located at the rear).

avr_evtd searches for a configuration file located within the /etc/melco at start-up time. If this file does not exist, then it reverts to reading the file located at /etc/default/avr_evtd. Additionally, it periodically checks the root /dev/hda1 partition and the user data partition /dev/hda3 to ensure they are mounted. Also, if requested, it will determine if sufficient space remains and if not then the AVR is requested to illuminate the DISK LED. This periodic checking also takes place on the configuration files. If they are deemed to have been updated, then the daemon will respond accordingly.