Add a Serial port to the ARM9 Linkstation

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The same instructions will work for a KuroBoxPro

What you can do with serial access on a LS Pro

At first: check serial access In fact you can control the UBoot Bootloader.

  • You can change to EM Mode at will without any dirty tricks.
  • You can look at the linux system of your LS pro without having to flash any custom firmware
  • You can load a kernel + ramdisk via tftp
  • Hey! We connect it because we can!

Serial access isn`t that important for users, but it is very important for developers because they
exactly see what is happening while the LS Pro boots.
The kernel log tells us a little more about the hardware and it allows us to debug a newer kernel.
Without serial that is not possible.

Why it is easy to gain serial access on the LS Pro

LS Pro Mainboard Backside serial.JPG
Pinout - Ground is on the Right side

Pin  Signal
1 Transmit (TX)
2 Receive (RX)
3 Power (3.3V)*
4 Ground (GND)

Serial LS Pro prepared box for serial.JPG

Project of creating ready2use serial cables

Anyone who wants a cable please add his name to the lists below.

List of developers who want a prebuilt serial cable:

  • georg
  • jonli447
  • mindbender
  •  ?

List of winners that will get a prebuilt serial cable:

  • russk
  • tampakuro/kuroguy
  • lyakh

Revogear does not respond to any mails anymore, so waite decided to use the donations to buy LS Pros for these guys instead.

List of user who want a prebuilt serial cable:

  • khisanth
  • cakalapati
  • MichaelWeiser
  • mesterS
  •  ?

Here some pictures from the build-process (mindbender had fun with it)
Serial cables LS Pro some cables.JPG
I opened all FutureDial Cables to check if all cables used the same color-coding + Profilic-Chip:
Profilic chip check1.JPG
Profilic chip check2.JPG
Prebuilt cables will use a heat-shrink-tube to make the cables more stable. Four finished cables.JPG

The Serial Converter

Buy One

The serial port signals from the processor are only 3.3V. For proper RS-232 12V signaling, an RS-232 level shifter needs to be added. These are very common in PDA serial cables also, but can be purchased: See Serial port: Buy a TTL/RS232 or TTL/USB interface

Build One