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# repeat with the second thread.
# repeat with the second thread.
Be sure not to shorten anything else.

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Linkstation Mini
LS MINI PCB frontside - high resolution
LS MINI PCB backside - high resolution


Apparently there are two traces that have been interrupted which would allow serial port access.

These traces have been interrupted UNDER a SMD capacitor at position C54. Junker (see Yamasita's article/reference) discovered the way first[1]

Laitr Keiows and johnbock duplicated his efforts[2]



We need to fix these wires which go under C54:

The traces are visible under c54 LSMINI-Serialport-before.jpg

Method 1: reconstruct the traces (on the backside)

This method requires absolutely no soldering.

Lay a layer of a scotch tape between holes, just not to cover them.

Use a strand of high flexible low oxygen copper wire.

  1. thread it thought both holes,
  2. fix it with a scotch tape on the back side and then
  3. cut remainders on the front side, leaving about 2 mm.
  4. repeat with the second thread.

Be sure not to shorten anything else.

LSMINI-Serialport-before.jpg LSMINI-Serialport-after.jpg LSMINI-Serialport-after-frontside.jpeg

Method 2: Bridge the traces (on the frontside)

LSMINI-Serialport-c54.jpg 200px

Pinout of Port


Serial Port Output

LS Mini: Serial Port Output - Boot-Log


  1. シリアルコンソールのためのパッチ / patches for serial console:LS-WSGL/R1
  2. The Buffalo NAS hacking Forums:Serial access possible? YES!