Add a Serial port to the LS MINI

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Apparently there are two traces that have been interrupted which would allow serial port access.

These traces have been interrupted UNDER a SMD capacitor at position C54. Yamasita discovered the way first[1]

LaitrKeiows and johnbock duplicated his efforts[2]



The traces are visible under c54

Method 1: reconstruct the traces (on the backside)

LSMINI-Serialport-before.jpg LSMINI-Serialport-after.jpg

Method 2: Bridge the traces (on the frontside)

LSMINI-Serialport-c54.jpg 200px

Pinout of Port


Serial Port Output

Orion1   CPU =  Low

> Checking hardware info ...
=== Strap status : 0x00802030 ===
=== H/W boardId  :       0x33 ===
=== boardId      :       0x1a ===
=== micon_support:        off ===
> OK.
=== BUFFALO LS-WSGL/R1 U-Boot. ===
** LOADER **

U-Boot 1.1.1 (Feb 22 2008 - 18:48:54) Marvell version: 1.12.1 - TINY
Buffalo Version: 1.13-1.00

DRAM CS[0] base 0x00000000   size 128MB
DRAM Total size 128MB
[256kB@fffc0000] Flash: 256 kB
Addresses 20M - 0M are saved for the U-Boot usage.
Mem malloc Initialization (20M - 16M): Done

Soc: 88F5182 A2
CPU: ARM926 (Rev 0) running @ 400Mhz
Orion 1 streaming disabled
SysClock = 200Mhz , TClock = 166Mhz

USB 0: host mode
PCI 0: PCI Express Root Complex Interface
PCI 1: Conventional PCI, speed = 33000000
Net:   egiga0 [PRIME]
Using 88E1118 phy
buffalo_change_power_status > Read 0x3a
buffalo_IsStopAtUbootStatus > MagicKey=0x3a
buffalo_change_power_status > Read 0x3a
buffalo_change_power_status > Read 0x3a
buffalo_change_power_status > Writing 0x5c

Please Press HDD power button to continue ...
buffalo_change_power_status > Read 0x5c
buffalo_change_power_status > Writing 0x3a

Marvell Serial ATA Adapter
Integrated Sata device found

HDD is not found 


  1. シリアルコンソールのためのパッチ / patches for serial console:LS-WSGL/R1
  2. The Buffalo NAS hacking Forums:Serial access possible? YES!