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This article Based on work by frontalot. Originally by Justin Adie. at Linkstationwiki.org
In following the Articles/GeneralFreeLinkTutorial article I got stalled after configuring the IP and DNS resolution etc just before being able to install samba and webmin.

After a bit of tinkering i found that this was because the only route that the LS had was a loopback - I was never getting the request out into the Internet.

easily solved: install a default route. Assuming your router is at you would execute the following commands at the shell:

route add default gw

After doing this i was able to ping to my heart's content and the apt-get etc worked seamlessly.

Some other gotchas: when i installed and ran webmin i forgot to change the IP hosts allowed configuration. it seems to default to a single host. the next time i logged on it denied me access. this can be changed in the /etc/webmin/miniserv.conf text file. i did so thus:

ed /etc/webmin/miniserv.conf

The first line fires up the EDitor and reads in the miniserv web config file. The second line is a substitution command. 192.168.0.x is the old IP address and .y the new ip address (the 1,$ tells ed to search from the first line to the last).

the "." takes ED out of command mode.

the "w" writes the changes from the buffer to the file.

the "q" quits the editor.

if you just want to check the old IP address you can use the ed command "1,$l" and pick up the address from the "allow=" line.

Originally by Justin Adie and edited by frontalot from linkstationwiki.org