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(Rescue, Backups, etc.)
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** U-boot Bootloader
** U-boot Bootloader
== Rescue, Backups, etc. ==
== Rescue, Backups, etc. ==
* '''[[:Category:Rescue-Backup| Articles pertaining to how to back-up or recover data from a corrupted LinkStation]]''' Such as:
* '''[[:Category:Rescue-Backup| Articles pertaining to how to back-up or recover data from a corrupted LinkStation]]''' Such as:<DPL>category=Rescue-Backup</DPL>
** How to create a perfect backup of the LinkStation filesystem.
** How to back-up data to the LinkStation.
** How to recover data from a corrupted or damaged hard drive.
** How to rescue your Linkstation if you messed up something that it does not boot anymore.

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Common Topics




  • Frequently Asked Questions like:
    • General Frequently Asked Questions
    • Frequently asked questions about the LinkStationWiki Site & Projects
    • LinkStationWiki Legal Disclaimers
    • LinkStationWiki Privacy policy

How To's


Rescue, Backups, etc.



Kernel & Driver Software

Debian specific articles

Distribution Specific

Application Software

  • Articles relating to Applications and Software for the LinkStation such as:
    • How to run a customized instance of proftpd.
    • An overview of the integrated PCast server.
    • Adding new PCast menus for the LinkTheatre.
    • How run a second instance of thttpd (on an alternate port).
    • How beef up your second instance of thttpd with redirects and Server Side Includes.
    • How run a third instance of thttpd as an SSL server, via stunnel.
    • How to get NFS running.
    • How to start applications over the browser without connecting over telnet/ssh.
    • Tweaks for use with Macs (long file names, Bonjour, iTunes)

Software Development and Deployment


Server and Media



Hardware-agnostic LinkStation Articles

The following articles apply to all of the different kinds of LinkStation variants

LS Hardware & Hardware Configuration

  • Articles pertaining to Linkstation Hardware, and Diagnostics such as:
    • How to easily disassemble the LinkStation.
    • How to upgrade (or replace) the existing LinkStation hard drive.
    • Solve the LinkStation's problematic clock drift.
    • Performance tuning the network controller (MTU change from 1500 to 1492).
    • Performance tuning the LinkStation hard drive.
    • Automatically boot the LinkStation when main power is applied.
    • Basic LS Hardware and Software information

Firmware Updates, Hacking, "Opening"