Backups over the internet with rsync

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This set of instructions are intended for running (hopefully secure) backups over the interweb from one location to another with either a telnet-enabled stock linkstation pro/live/tera series, or a debianized LS/TS/kuro.

This guide is related to running NAS to NAS (or really any linux machine) over one lan to another lan through routers, however there are other configurations as well, manipulate as you please. There are ways of setting up windows gui rsync backups as well See Unison File Syncronizer and RsyncOnWindows.


  • Setup dynamic ip updater service
  • Setup rsync or rsync over ssh

more to come (work in progress :-)

Setting up a dynamic IP updater

Stock Buffalo's with

Visit and find instructions there :-) (fill in at some point)

Debianized Devices

You can setup 2 NAS's behind routers with dynamic IP's from the ISP with DynDNS or no-ip.

=Setting up