Building a kernel from Buffalos source

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How to build a kernel from Buffalos source

This is an ongoing task. I will report my success as a step-by-step guide to build a kernel from the GPL sources Buffalo provided here .

2009.12.30: Succeeded to build the kernel using this .config

I had to edit some files, because the original source from buffalo was not error free (to be gentle).

Missing includes solved by correct forward declaration

Noone should ignore warnings like the ones one get compiling the Buffalo source (even not Buffalo itself).


 void kernevnt_RadiDegraded(int devno, int major, int minor);
 void kernevnt_RadiRecovery(int devno, int on, int isRecovery, int major, int minor);
 void kernevnt_RadiScan(int devno, int on);


 void egiga_buffalo_change_configuration(unsigned short mode);
 int mvBoardNameGet(char *pNameBuff);
 unsigned int mvBoardIdGet(void);


 void buffalo_link_led_off(unsigned int ethPortNum);
 void buffalo_link_led_on(unsigned int ethPortNum);


 void bfSetMagicKey(unsigned int key);
 unsigned int bfGetMagicKey(void);


 unsigned int mvBoardTclkGet(void);