Building and using Openwince's JTAG Tools

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This page will have instructions for building the JTAG tools and How to use them to unbrick your Kuro

Building JTAG tools

JTAG tools command sequence to flash the bootloader

Commands to prepare the Kuro:

start jtag and execute the following commands at the jtag prompt:

jtag> cable parallel 0x378 DLC5
jtag> include motorola/mpc8241/1.2 
jtag> endian big 
jtag> instruction SAMPLE/PRELOAD 
jtag> shift ir 
jtag> shift dr  
jtag> dr 
jtag> instruction EXTEST 
jtag> shift ir 
jtag> initbus mpc824x 
jtag> detectflash 0xFFC00000 

According to the Flash ROM page, the flash map is as follows:

device start Size (HEX) size contents
/dev/fl0 0xFFF80000 0x080000 512 K Empty
/dev/fl1 0xFFC00000 0x300000 3 MB Linux/initrd
/dev/fl2 0xFFF00000 0x070000 448 K bootcode.bin
/dev/fl3 0xFFF70000 0x010000 64K HDD status (OKOKOK)

To read the bootloader which is stored at the area described as bootcode.bin type:

jtag> readmem 0xFFF00000 0x0070000 bootloader 

To write the bootloader type with file u-boot.bin type:

jtag> flashmem 0xFFF00000 u-boot.bin