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This article Based on work by moomoo, nix, frontalot, and timtimred. Originally by timtimred. at

What is that?

iPKG - The Itsy Package Management System is the package management system used in OpenLink firmware, a very lightweight package management system. It was designed for Linux installations with severe storage limitations such as handheld computers. iPKG is more than just an embedded Linux flash image builder, (although it does that fairly well). It also allows for dynamic installation/removal of packages on a running system.

iPKG is itsy in several ways:

  • The control programs themselves are small
  • The installed meta-data tries to be only what is absolutely essential
  • The available packages are small. (The idea is that the package tree should be as fine-grain as possible.

This is something similar to other Package Management Systems in big distributions like debian or gentoo (Portage) where you can easily install additional software by an easy

apt-get install <software>

in Debian or

emerge <software>

In Gentoo

Our Goal

We want to create and maintain in fact several IPKG-Feeds for all Linkstations that run OpenLink.

After setting everything up we can easily provide access to some package maintainers....they will get ftp-access to