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Kuro Box

Kanji for Kuro Box
The Kuro Box

The Kuro Box is the name for a series of PowerPC processor based computers intended for use as a network-attached storage device. The original Kuro Box was made from spare hardware components the manufacturer had from the Linkstation. Recent versions of the Kuro Box use later Linkstation hardware or hardware very similar to the one of the Linkstation. All Kuro Box versions are provided without a Hard Drive. The case has the same physical dimensions and shape as the LinkStation, but it is black in color and has the Kanji symbols for Kuro Box () in silver lettering on the side panel.It has an internal Parallel ATA interface for a user supplied hard drive (as the device does not come with one). The product was designed to accept a Linux distribution for the PowerPC, several including Gentoo, Debian, Fedora and Sylver's Distro (which is the current incarnation of the Kuro's original embedded distribution) have been ported to it by various user groups in both the USA/Europe and Japan. It is sold by Buffalo Technology/Melco

Interesting Articles from the Kurobox Wiki

Add Jtag Port

  • This document is a work in progress. It explains how to fit the internal on-chip debug (OCD) port on a Linkstation, Kuro-Box or Kuro-Box/HG to a PC interface.


  • This project is to add an LCD display device to the kurobox. The display will be used to provide useful information and a handy console for logging in with a keyboard.


  • A security center based on the fantastic Kuro-box, use a Webcam to record any activity in front of the webcam

John's Suggested MP3 Player

  • A portable mp3 player that a Nintendo DS with the web browser cartridge. A wireless connection from the mp3 player that automatically links up to home network and sync music collection when the mp3 player is in range.

Kurobox Media Ripper

  • The KuroRipper is an addition to the Kurobox NAS system. It allows automatic copying of images,video and audio files from USB media such as USB keys, Compact FLASH, and SD cards. Also, it will rip entire audio CDs to mp3 format and, if avaialable will add the correct tags from the CDDB database to your Kurobox shares. Target directories.

Turn your Kuro into a Digital Video Recorder/Player

  • Installing a Hauppage WinTV-PVRUSB2 capture device on Kuro and configure it to automatically record shows and save them in media directory.

Debian Galleon Media Server

  • Galleon is a free open source media server that typically runs on a home computer and can serve your media collection, Internet content, and applications to your TV using your TiVo© DVR.


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