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!| Disassembly
!| Disassembly
||[[Disassemble the LS MINI]]
*[[Disassemble the LS MINI]]
!| Serial
!| Serial

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Linkstation Mini
Linkstation Mini Front
Linkstation Mini Back
Ethernet Disk mini
CPU ARM 266.24 BogoMIPS ARM926EJ-Sid(wb) rev 0 (v5l) (88F5182-A2 C400 - 400MHz ARM Processor Marvell SoC)
RAM 128MiB DDR2-533 - 2 modules a 32MBx16 - either
  • Elpida EDE5116AFSE-5C-E
Flash ROM NANIYARA SST39VF020 4Mb - 256kB x8 (NOR)
Other RTC - Ricoh RS5C372A (I2C)
NIC MARVELL 88E1118 Gigabit Ethernet Transceiver ("Alaska" series) RJ-45
USB 1x Type A
internal HDD 2x SATA 2,5"
IDE/SATA Controller On the SOC
Drive Capacity 2x250GB or 2x500GB (Hitachi Travelstar 5K500 500GB SATA II HTS545050KTA300)
Fan none
initial Networkname LS-WSGL1AC
Opened Firmwares
  • Telnet enabled firmware
  • Distributions
Development Tools
GPL Kernel
Disassembly Disassemble the LS MINI
Serial Add a Serial port to the LS MINI
Hardware Hacks
Other LS Mini: Serial Port Output - Boot-Log

Pictures of the board

LS MINI PCB frontside - high resolution
LS MINI PCB backside - high resolution