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!| Original Firmware
* [[:Category:LS-WTGL/R1/Restoring_from_empty_disks|Re-installing to an empty disk]]
!|Opened Firmwares
!|Opened Firmwares

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CPU Marvell 88F5182-A2 (400MHz) (ARM926EJ-S)
Flash ROM
SATA Controller Marvell SCSI to SATA adapter
Drive Capacity 465.7 GB (SAMSUNG HD501LJ)
Hardware Overview Information/LSPRO-DUO-Overview
Original Firmware
Opened Firmwares
  • Distributions
Development Tools
GPL Kernel Now available
Serial Add a Serial port to the LS DUO
Hardware Hacks
Other LS DUO: Serial Port Output - Boot-Log

Configuration Notes

  • The name of the RAID array is "RAID Array 1", but the factory default RAID configuration is RAID 0. If you prefer RAID 1 or just two independent disks, don't create Shares yet. Update the RAID configuration from "Disk Management -> RAID Setup -> RAID Array 1" in the Web interface.
  • Avoid disconnecting a USB drive without unmounting or powering down first.
    • You might find yourself with a Share that cannot be deleted from the Web interface, as described in this thread. The only way to fix this seems to be by rebuilding the partition table through a forced factory firmware update. Your bootstrapping work and Shares will be lost.


LS Pro Duo forum

Pictures of the board

LS Pro DUO PCB frontside - high resolution
LS Pro DUO PCB backside - high resolution
LS Pro DUO PCB frontside with comments
LS Pro DUO PCB backside with comments

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