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CPU Marvell 88F5182-A2 (400MHz) (ARM926EJ-S)
Flash ROM
SATA Controller Marvell SCSI to SATA adapter
Drive Capacity 465.7 GB (SAMSUNG HD501LJ)
Hardware Overview Information/LSPRO-DUO-Overview
Original Firmware
Opened Firmwares
  • Distributions
Development Tools
GPL Kernel Now available
Serial Add a Serial port to the LS DUO
Hardware Hacks
Other LS DUO: Serial Port Output - Boot-Log

Identifying firmware version

When you do not have access to the web interface (e.g, you need to Re-install to an empty disk), it may be important but near impossible to determine the firmware version of your device.

One defining feature of the different firmware versions depends on the hardware. For version 1 firmware devices, you'll find only one USB port on the back. In version 3 devices, there will be two USB ports on the back.

Configuration Notes

  • The name of the RAID array is "RAID Array 1", but the factory default RAID configuration is RAID 0. If you prefer RAID 1 or just two independent disks, don't create Shares yet. Update the RAID configuration from "Disk Management -> RAID Setup -> RAID Array 1" in the Web interface.
  • Avoid disconnecting a USB drive without unmounting or powering down first.
    • You might find yourself with a Share that cannot be deleted from the Web interface, as described in this thread. The only way to fix this seems to be by rebuilding the partition table through a forced factory firmware update. Your bootstrapping work and Shares will be lost.


LS Pro Duo forum

Pictures of the board

LS Pro DUO PCB frontside - high resolution
LS Pro DUO PCB backside - high resolution
LS Pro DUO PCB frontside with comments
LS Pro DUO PCB backside with comments

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