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LinkStation Pro Duo LS-WVL/R1
board top image
board bottom image
LinkStation Pro Duo LS-WVL/R1
Machine Feroceon-KW (Kirkwood)
CPU 88FR131 (88F6282) 1.6GHz Clock Speed (arm5te)
Flash ROM 512KB SPI flash + 512MB Hynix NAND flash
NIC 1000/100/10Mbps
USB 1 x USB 2.0 HiSpeed
internal HDD ST32000542AS
IDE/SATA Controller
Drive Capacity 2TB, 4TB
initial Networkname LS-WVL... (last 3 are the end of the MAC address)
Opened Firmwares
Development Tools
GPL Kernel
Prebuild packages
Board Please add here if you find or do some pictures.
Hardware Hacks Please add here if you find or do some hardware hacks.
Other Please add here if you find or do some hardware hacks.

Optware & IPKG Install Guide

Once you have root access, you can start to install packages using IPKG.

Step 1 - Create a temp folder to download and run Optware installation file

 cd /tmp
 sh ./teraprov2-bootstrap_1.2-7_arm.xsh

Step 2 - Edit /opt/etc/ipkg.conf and add

 src cs08q1
 # src cs08q1-unstable

(If you wish to use the unstable branch you can uncomment it.)

After that just run `ipkg update` and you can then install packages with `ipkg install package` You can view list of installed packages with `ipkg list_installed`

(Note: In case you don't use array configuration and lost your Optware configuration after reboot, please 1) Reinstall the ipkg 2) 'mv /mnt/array1/.optware /mnt/disk1' 3) adapt /etc/init.d/rc.optware by replacing 'array1' with 'disk1' 4) Reboot. )

These instructions are courtesy of: Category:LS-WXL


This is another new generation of LinkStation Pro, even newer than the LS-XHL and has again a faster CPU. LS-VL and LS-QVL should be similar except for the number of supported hard disks.