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The Entry Phase of the Third Kurobox Contest Has Ended.

After an extension to the submission phase of the third Kurobox Contest entries are no longer being accepted. We now move into the Judging phase of the contest. Voting is ongoing until the evening of July 30. Check out the Contest page for information about past contests. For those of you not aware, prizes for these contests are listed at the Revolution Contest page

The second Kurobox contest has ended. The third contest is ongoing.

The second contest ended on May 15. Sylver's Bittorrent client took third place. Waite's Automatic installer, a python application which allows a user to easily install any of several operating systems (Gentoo coming very soon) on their Kurobox took second place. Dave's All in One NAS wins first place.

All entries certainly advance the Kurobox as a development platform. Many thanks to Sylver for maintaining an image that allows many users to go straight to making good use of their Kurobox without the learning curve required of typical Linux systems. Thanks to Waite for his entry which eases the transition from delivery of a new Kurobox to one of several operating systems. His entry will be an invaluable tool for the many experimenters needing to setup this very unique development platform. Dave's All in One shows the ability that the Kuro has for doing many of the day to day tasks that a typical office server does using hardware that costs a fraction to own and operate as well as the Kuro's ability to be expanded using typical off the shelf products.

Please take the time to look over all of the entries. There is a wealth of good information in the write ups of all entries received.

If you missed this contest, don't worry about it. There is a new contest currently running. Entries are due by July 1, 2006. Remember, these contests are about development and advancement for the Kurobox. If you have anything that is useful to the Kurobox community, no matter how big or small, please consider entering it. You can't win if you don't enter and when you enter everybody learns.

New Kurobox Contest

Revolution has posted a new contest for Kurobox owners! All the details are called out there here are the prizes.


  • 1st place (1 winner) Buffalo TeraStation Pro 1 TB NAS
  • 2nd place (1 winner) Buffalo LinkTheater Media Player
  • 3rd place (1 winner) Buffalo High-Power Wireless Router and Buffalo High-Power Ethernet Converter

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