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== Application Software ==
* [[Articles/GeneralCustomProftpd]] - How to run a customized instance of proftpd.
* [[Articles/GeneralFunWithPCast]] - An overview of the integrated PCast server.
* [[Articles/GeneralExtendingPCast]] - Adding new PCast menus for the LinkTheatre.
* [[Articles/GeneralThttpd]] - How run a second instance of thttpd (on an alternate port).
* [[Articles/GeneralThttpdRedirectSSI ]] - How beef up your second instance of thttpd with redirects and Server Side Includes.
* [[Articles/GeneralThttpdSSL]] - How run a third instance of thttpd as an SSL server, via stunnel.
* [[Articles/GeneralNFS]] - How to get NFS running.
* [[Articles/GeneralStartingAppsOverTheBrowser]] - How to start applications over the browser without connecting over telnet/ssh.
* [[Articles/Macintosh]] - tweaks for use with Macs (long file names, Bonjour, iTunes)

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