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<table align="right"><tr><td>
<table align="right"><tr><td>
=Community portal=
==Community Team==
===Community Happenings===
{{Community Team}}
*<big>[[Current events]]</big>
==Community Support==
===Main Page - To Do===
==Completed Wiki porting tasks==
===Credit Articles from Linkstationwiki.org===
* '''Compare [http://www.linkstationwiki.org linkstationwiki.org] ''' articles to make sure the original authors are given credit.
**Example at http://www.linkstationwiki.net/index.php?title=Articles
** everything appears to be done by (Flavoie Timtim, Bauldrick, and Ramuk) and credited ''somehow'', if you find an error please fix it. [[User:Ramuk|Ramuk]] 16:57, 30 June 2006 (EDT)
**'''''Add at the top'''''
<nowiki>''<font color=red><small>
This article originally
Based on work by Frontalot
at Linkstationwiki.org
* '''ALL DONE'''
We need to plan a bit, especially about how we should organize the information on this new wiki. The pages that we are creating now, copy/pasted off the old one, follow the highly disorganized and confusing way the old one was made. That is something I wanted to address in the bery beginning, so we might have a plan ready to go when everything is finally imported. --[[User:Shrike|Shrike]] 19:43, 14 June 2006 (EDT)
[[image:Link.png|right]]I wanted to see if you would like to use this modified image of the linkstation.  Its transparent as to show the background. --[[User:Goat|Goat]] 13:44, 16 June 2006 (CDT)
* Looks good to me, if it also works for the logo. --[[User:Shrike|Shrike]] 16:38, 16 June 2006 (EDT)
* To me also. i already switched to the new pic. thx Goat :) --[[User:mindbender|mindbender]] 23:47, 16 June 2006 (CET)
* [[Articles]] by [[User:Shrike|Shrike]]
* [[Articles/Debian|Debian Articles]]
* General
* [[FAQ|FAQ]] original FAQ done, additional FAQ still needs doing
* [[Projects|Projects]] <font color=cyan>Completed???</font>
* [[Sandbox|Sandbox]] try out some designs...
* [[LS Hardware and Software information]]

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Community Team

The NAS-Central Community consist of all sorts of people

There are some with experience with linux, some even are coders but most guys here just have bought a linkstation and found out it was hackable. The Linkstation often is the entry-point for most guys to Linux. Nobody has to know much about Linux when starting to mess with the small boxes but expect a steep learning curve!

Note: NAS-Central is changing its structure slightly to cope with growth, and to ease the burden on the current team. The structure we are moving towards is depicted in the Community Structure Diagram, more information on the upcoming recruitment drive will follow soon! Please note that of course we expect some individuals will fall in many of the following categories (see Forum Group Listing for a more complete listing).

Core Members
  • andre
  • flavoie
  • lb_worm
  • mindbender
  • timtimred
  • jonli447
  • kuroguy

These guys are the community leaders.

Infrastructure Manager
  • ka6sox

Forum Moderators Developers Beta Tester's Group
  • FwvG
  • goat
  • itimpi
  • ramuk
  • Shadowtester
  • bbradley
  • Georg
  • Kaiten
  • linuxnotincluded
  • lyakh
  • mdfirefighter
  • repvik
  • Sylver
  • WizardFusion
  • Zoolook
  • Andy Howden
  • Andreas Bach Aaen
  • Bauldrick
  • datagram
  • davy_gravy
  • emergant
  • gregjacobs
  • Heinz
  • Khisanth
  • learner2
  • learner2
  • monkphunk
  • pezhy
  • scripter_joe
  • terratalk

These guys (and the admins/moderators) have access to the developer section of the community: DEVELOPMENT.

Community Support


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