Create a package (tarball) for distribution

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this works only if there is a configure-script.
If there isn`t one you will have to modify the supplied makefile manually.

Prerequisits: Development Tools

download the source to the preferred place:

 cd <compiling-folder>     (i suggest to create a folder on /dev/hda3.../mnt/ on ppc-LS, /mnt/hda/ on the LS2)
 wget http://<download-location>/<app-source>

untar the package - use xzvf if it has a tar.gz-extension (=.tgz) and xjvf if it has tar.bz2

 tar xzvf <app-source>.tar.gz

change into the new directory

 cd <app-source>

create the folder-structure for the Package we want to create

 mkdir -p PACKAGE/usr/local/

configure the app with the right prefix

 ./configure --prefix=<path2this_folder>/PACKAGE/usr/local

compile the app


install the compiled app afterwards

 make install

change into the PACKAGE-folder


Optional: create a folder which contains all the packages

 mkdir <compiling-folder>/PACKAGES

tar the file-structure up into a nice package

 tar zvcf /<compiling-folder>/PACKAGES/<appname>_<architecure>.tar.gz

where architecure is ppc for LS1, HG & HS and mips for the LS2

you should now have a freshly compiled package in /<compiling-folder>/PACKAGES which is perfect for distribution or later for the creation of ipkg-packages!