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This device, manufactured by Nokia, Philips and Sagem in huge numbers for the German Pay-TV provider Premiere, is a DVB-C or DVB-S receiver. It features a 10Mbit Ethernet interface and a nifty graphics display, on which you can display your Linkstation's logs. The device is unique in that it runs a user upgradable version of Linux.

LinkStations are popular among DBox hackers, since they can be used to record received media streams from a DBox. See the Linux-based Tuxbox project wiki.tuxbox.org (German) for information about DBox hacking. This was once the main reason for people in Germany to buy a LinkStation.

NFS needs to be installed on the LS for this purpose. There are NFS speed test scripts you might find useful.

In case you own a Panasonic DVD recorder, you might want to check out andre's instructions.

If you're interested in speeding up your Picture Viewer (Bildbetrachter), check out these installation or compilation instructions.

Like working on the command line? recstat is for you.

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