Debian amule install

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Install Amule as a daemon

Under construction

Switch to debian unstable

nano /etc/apt/sources.list
replace stable to unstable in "deb" lines
//deb stable/updates main contrib
//deb unstable main contrib
//deb stable/non-US main contrib
//deb-src unstable main contrib
//deb-src stable/non-US main contrib
apt-get install amule-daemon

Configuration of the aMule-daemon Go to the path where aMule was installed, which in our case is ~/bin and run ./amuled. When this is done, the configuration file ~/.aMule/amule.conf is created.

Quit the daemon again. Find and replace the follwoing lines in ~/.aMule/amule.conf.

   * AcceptExternalConnections=1 <-- To let aMule listen to external connections.
   * ECPassword=56f491c56340a6fa5c158863c6bfb39f <-- MD5 of the password you wish to use. 

Use the command md5sum to create a MD5-string of a password:

$ echo -n password | md5sum
56f491c56340a6fa5c158863c6bfb39f -

restart :

/etc/init.d/amule-daemon start

Remote control with:

   *  Go to the web address http://hostname:4711, where hostname is the name of the computer running amuleweb and 4711 is the port amuleweb is using. In most cases this should be http://localhost:4711.
   * Use the program amule-gui