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This article Based on work by flavoie, frontalot, Knatterman, TcT, ultravelours, Thorongil, and Ronald. Originally by frontalot. on

Debian Tutorials : Haven't upgraded to Debian yet? The PPC conversion method listed below is obsolete! You can now convert your PPC LinkStation to Debian by flashing it with the FreeLink Firmware!

  1. Articles/DebianMIPSConversion - How to convert your MIPSel LinkStation into a full-blown Debian system.
  2. Articles/DebianPPCConversion - How to convert your PPC LinkStation into a full-blown Debian system.
  3. Articles/DebianKeyPackages - Install key packages.
  4. Articles/DebianSSH - Convert from telnet to SSH (both OpenSSH and Dropbear).
  5. Articles/DebianNTP - Correct the system time and setup Network Time Protocol (NTP).
  6. Articles/DebianNoflushd - Spin down the hard drive when idle.
  7. Articles/DebianHdparm - Performance tune the LinkStation hard drive.
  8. Articles/DebianSamba - Set up a Windows-readable file share using Samba.
  9. Articles/DebianVNC - Set up a Virtual Network Computing (VNC) server, aka remote desktop.
  10. Articles/DebianApache - Install the Apache HTTP server.
  11. Articles/DebianMySQL - Install the MySQL database server.
  12. Articles/DebianJava - Make and install Java.
  13. Articles/DebianNFSServer - Set up the kernelspace NFS server.
  14. Articles/DebianBitTorrent - Compile and install a BitTorrent client.
  15. Articles/DebianLinblock - Set up a Peer Guardian-based blocklist.
  16. Articles/DebianSecurity - Basic security procedures.
  17. Articles/DebianWebmin - Install and use Webmin to remotely administer your LinkStation.
  18. Articles/DebianSmartmon - S.M.A.R.T. hard drive monitoring.
  19. Articles/DebianUSBDevices - How to add USB devices including CUPS printing, scanners, and webcams.
  20. Articles/DebianPowerSaving - Timed wake/shutdown of your debianized LinkStation.
  21. Articles/DebianAddingADefaultRoute - How to add a default route. Extra step that I had to do for Articles/GeneralFreeLinkTutorial.
  22. Articles/DebianUnstablePackages - Access to packages from the unstable branch but keep your main packages to testing/stable.
  23. Articles/DebianMrtg - Install MRTG, a tool to monitor your network.
  24. Articles/GeneralUpgradeTo26-Kernel - Upgrade your kernel to the 2.6 Series
  25. Articles/DebianDyndns - Install a Dynamic DNS updater