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I've made an improved Debian image (for Kuro-box HG only) available here :

Image History

Debian-sarge- (kernel update only) :
U Updated to kernel (Kuro-box HG version only)
+ added uImage version of kernel for Kuro-box with U-Boot
+ USB CD/DVD drives support
+ Autofs4 module
+ Added support for +2TB drives
+ Added RAID support
Debian-sarge- :
+ based on
U updated to kernel (Kuro-box HG version only)
M applied patch for
  improved Bluetooth support
+ added Bluetooth stack module
+ added ALSA modules
+ added Bluetooth-ALSA module
  It allows to use some Bluetooth headsets as audio devices.
+ added video4linux module
+ added spca5xx-20060501 & pwc-v4l2-20060621-042701 modules for webcams support
+ added Wireless encryption module (WEP, WPA)
+ added encryption modules (SHA1,AES ...)
+ added "Device mapper support" and "Crypt target support" to allow Linux partition encryption
C Fixed /dev/ttyS1 node to correctly points to AVR device + update of AVR initialisation scripts
  to prevents AVR issues when installing udev.
M Replaced kuroevtd with avr_evtd020606 for perfect Kuro-box's buttons handling
+ added /usr/bin/write_ng & write_ok scripts to allow an easy reboot in EM mode

+ = Addition U = Update M = Modification C = Correction - = Removal

Some application you should better install

  • Bzip2 (for compression/decompression of .bz2 files)
apt-get install bzip2
  • unrar (for decompressing .rar files), you need to compile it yourself as there is no packages for this one
tar xzf unrarsrc-3.6.5.tar.gz && rm unrarsrc-3.6.5.tar.gz && cd unrar
make -f makefile.unix && cp unrar /usr/bin
cd .. && rm -rf unrar

Some usefull application to use with this image

  • A compilation environement
apt-get install make automake gcc g++ patch libncurses5-dev
  • An openSSH server
apt-get install ssh

--Sylver 19:49, 23 June 2006 (CDT)