Debian tricks

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Configure apt-get

  • Change the sources of apt (HTTP, FTP, CD-ROM... and Servers):
apt-setup noprobe 
Or/and edit file:

You can also install netselect-apt, that will automaically generate a sources.list using with the fastest server from the ones avalable. Then you can replace/merge that new file with the /etc/apt/sources.list file.

After you done, don't forget to run the following command as root $ apt-get update


  • Install languages for Debian (Man, Nano...):
apt-get install locales 
  • Change the timezone of Debian:
  • Personalize your box's name!
vim /etc/hostname  (replace KURO-BOX with the name of your choice)
vim /etc/hosts     (update this file, if necessary)