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Install usbmount

There is nothing special here, you will also need module-init-tools for automatic kernel modules loading

apt-get install usbmount module-init-tools

then update module list and reboot

depmod -ae && reboot


If you want to automount vfat devices, edit usbmount configuration :

nano /etc/usbmount/usbmount.conf
// replace
FILESYSTEMS="ext2 ext3"
// with
FILESYSTEMS="ext2 ext3 vfat"

By default, usb disks will be mounted to /media/usb0 to usb7, if you want to change that replace :

MOUNTPOINTS="/media/usb0 /media/usb1 /media/usb2 /media/usb3
             /media/usb4 /media/usb5 /media/usb6 /media/usb7"

with what you want (do not forget to create the directories)