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What`s a Development Box?

We are currently buying some development boxes. These boxes are bought so some guys can work on them without having to look how to keep the services running why they initially bought the box. All boxes are owned by the community...this means that if georg/jonli447/linuxnotincluded think they absolutely have no time in the near future the boxes can be passed to another developer.

All this is based on confidence.

Needs for additional boxes?

  • germany - andre - HG/HS for testing the PPC kernel also on these systems

List of Development Boxes

Here we list all Development Boxes and the history of each one.

LS2 bought from ebay

This box was a hardware-brick. It did not boot anymore because the microcontroller was severely damaged.

Old Locations

  • Dusseldorf, Germany - bought from ebay
  • Tampa, Florida, USA - tampakuro for repair and JTAG and Serial console installation. tampakuro completely revived it.

LINKS: Hardware_Hacks_for_the_LS2

Current status

  • UK - linuxnotincluded for porting UBoot to the LS2

LSPro bought from doc007

doc007 got it from ebay. but it was a real brick in the end.

Old Locations

  • unknown - doc007

Current status

  • Tampa, Florida, USA - tampakuro to use the components as spare parts for maybe fixing other LSPro boxes.

LSPro bought for georg

Current Status

  • Germany - georg for analysing the acp-commands, general testing

LINKS: The Linkstation Community Forum / Software (arm9) / LS-GL Custom Updater Thread - ACP-Commander

LS2 donated by Kaiten

Fully functional but dusty LS2 donated by Kaiten, our webinterface master ;)

Old Locations

Current status

  • In transit to Tampa, Florida, USA

Next Locations

  • Tampa, Florida, USA - tampakuro - for installation of JTAG and serial console
  • Chicago, Illinois, USA - jonli447 - For development work on a 2.6 kernel

LS2 bought from Pitty-t from

Hopefully only a flash-rom error and reviveable via JTAG.

Old Locations

  • Germany - Pitty-t

Current status

  • ARRIVED in Austria - mindbender
  • soldering the headers in progress - local electronic store

pitty-t`s LS2 story.....

Next Locations

  • unclear

LS1 donated by 808

808 donated his LS1 to the community.

Old Locations

  • UK - 808

Current status

  • In transit to Tampa, Florida, USA

Next Locations

  • Tampa, Florida, USA - tampakuro for soldering the JTAG + serial headers and reviving.
  • UK - timtimred for testing Open Embedded images