Disassemble the LS Pro v1/LS Live v1

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10 Steps to get the HDD out of the Case

1. Here it is..my shiny new LS Pro
Disassemble LS Pro 1.JPG

2.We need to remove this 2 screws on the bottom first
Disassemble LS Pro 2.JPG

Disassemble LS Pro 3.JPG

Disassemble LS Pro 4.JPG

5.Now we need to open the case...look at the video.
Disassemble LS Pro 5.JPG

Short Video - Opening the Case

6.Now we need to remove this 4 screws...
Disassemble LS Pro 6.JPG

7.Short note for assembly: It was that way...
Disassemble LS Pro 7.JPG

8.This is the last screw we need to remove..
Disassemble LS Pro 8.JPG

Video - Pulling out the HDD

10.Here it is...unplug it and do whatever you like...
Disassemble LS Pro 9.JPG

And now all steps again in a full video:
Video - Getting the HDD out in 2 Minutes