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The 2007 Linkstation Wiki Donation Drive


Since mid 2005 until now, the Linkstation Wiki has had quite a history. Just in the past year, the Linkstation Wiki community has worked hard to keep the site from ever "dying" and has done well with support from many individuals. In the past month, with our loss of quality service from Powweb, the senior members have switched to dedicated host and even that has shown to not be able to handle size and requirements needed. (A special thanks to NAiL for the temporary solution)

The senior community members were recently approached by senior nslu2 community members with a proposal for indefinite dedicated hosting at OSUOSL who host servers for various large open source projects including Apache, Debian, Gentoo, Gnome, KDE,, Mozilla, MythTV, OLPC, and PHP. New slots are no longer available at OSUOSL due to power budget constraints, and the nslu2 project leader and infrastructure managers noticed the hosting problems the Linkstation Wiki community was having and figured that they could help out related Linux communities by sharing one of the slots (a higher specced machine with same power usage means more communities hosted). OSUOSL have already agreed with the idea.

The deal is that in exchange for the rackspace (unlimited bandwidth etc) and a donation that we pay for the server (specced by nslu2) which will be hosted for an indefinite period of time at OSUOSL.

The machine will cost $3949.00/€2900.18 and will be shared via XEN instances (opensource virtual machines) by including sister communitities if arranged ( i.e., and by

Hosting at OSUOSL along side means stable, reliable, and fast hosting for at least 2 to 3 years (the nslu2 folks have already been there 2 years, and expect to be there indefinitely). Furthermore, though the administrative team would have full access to the server, we would be greatly assisted by a trusted community, nslu2, with our maintenance of hardware, software, etc.

We therefore are asking the community for donations to help us in purchasing this server.
(remember, we are talking about years of hosting, huge file storage space, and almost unlimited download bandwidth).


1) paypal
click on the paypal-button below and follow the instructions.

Either send money from your paypal-account or do it over your credit card.
You do not need to have a paypal-account if you donate via a credit card.

Note: If you are seeing a German page, go to paypaland login first, then come back here and click on the paypal link

2) bank transfer (only europe)
send an email to mindbender at gmx dot at (this is no typo..."at" is the extension for austria)
you will be provided with details for donating via bank transfer (no fees)

EDIT: i received several mails asking me for the bank details. Some of my replies bounced back from mail-servers who stated that these email-addresses are not existing. Everyone who did not get an answer from me, please message me again somehow (PM via the forum or another mail) - Mindbender 13:59, 22 June 2007 (CEST)


You can monitor our progress with reaching this goal by looking at the donationspage and here:


PRICE OF SERVER: 3193.23 EUR / 4350.23 USD
Based on 1 EUR = 1.36233 USD
  • Thanks to all who donated.
    We still need funds for the installation of the server and other ongoing development. If you haven't donated, please consider supporting this project.

Pictures of the Newly Purchased Server

Silicon Server1.JPG
Silicon Server2.JPG
Silicon Server3.JPG
Silicon Server4.JPG
Silicon Server5.JPG

The server specifications

Specification of the Server
CPU 2 x Opteron 2212
RAID CONTROLLER 3Ware 4 port SATA RAID controller w/256M cache
HDDs 4 x 500 GB hot swappable SATA disks
SUPPORT 3 year 24/7 help desk with 4 hour same day on site support
MISC Rail kit

Our target date for obtaining the server is August 15, 2007, however that date is not fixed. We do have other 'short-term' options available if we really need be, but we believe that our great community will ensure that is not necessary.


Mindbender and the Admin Team