Downloading from one-click hosters (rapidshare etc.) on Lenny

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One-click hosting has become quite widespread, so it might be interesting trying it with a NAS. This guide describes how to install DownloadDaemon[1] and configure its web interface to do precisely that.

Note: This was only tested on an LSPROv2 with davies Lenny release[2] (thx davy). Also note, that DownloadDaemon isn't as powerful as JDownloader, so it doesn't handle CAPTCHA or Reconnect quite as well and doesn't support as many hosters.

Daemon Installation

Assumption: big partition is mounted in /mnt/, DownloadDaemon version is 0.9.

DownloadDaemon requires three libraries (libcurl, libstdc++, libboost_thread). Also, to unpack later, we need bzip2.

apt-get install libcurl4-gnutls-dev bzip2

Download the armel builds of DownloadDaemon and libboost_thread to /mnt/.



Unpack them.

tar xjvf downloaddaemon-0.9_armel.tar.bz2

tar xvzf libboost-thread1.41_armel_lenny.tar.gz

Now we need to symbolically link DownloadDaemon (since there is no installer).

ln -s /mnt/downloaddaemon-0.9/usr/local/bin/* /usr/bin/

ln -s /mnt/downloaddaemon-0.9/etc/downloaddaemon/ /etc/downloaddaemon

ln -s /mnt/downloaddaemon-0.9/usr/local/share/downloaddaemon/ /usr/share/downloaddaemon

Since DownloadDaemon doesn't run in root mode (for security reasons), we need to create a group and an account...

addgroup downloadd

adduser --home /etc/downloaddaemon --ingroup downloadd downloadd

...change the mode...

chmod -R a+rw /etc/downloaddaemon /mnt/downloads

...and the owner. chown -R downloadd:downloadd /etc/downloaddaemon

Besides, we still need to link the third library we were talking about.

ln -s /mnt/libboost-thread1.41_armel_lenny/usr/local/lib/* /usr/lib/

Now that were all set, lets run the daemon. Log in to the account (user: downloadd) you just created and type:

DownloadDaemon --daemon

Web Interface Installation

Now lets download the web interface and extract it.


tar xvzf ddclient-php-0.9.tar.gz

To create a server, we need to install Apache.

apt-get install apache2

To set the server paths easily, follow the Tutorial on Webmin. When webmin has finished installing, the console will give you a link.

Once you're logged in, goto Servers -> Apache Webserver and click the existing Virtual Server to configure it. Change the Document Root to /mnt/ddclient-php-0.9/ddclient-php and click Save.

Now to actually get the new content, in the top right corner of Webmin click Stop Apache, wait, and then Start Apache. Now go back to the Linkstation console to find out your ip-address.


Now open a new tab in your browser and enter:


You should see something like this[3].

Configure/Run DownloadDaemon

Log in, click the tab Configure DownloadDaemon and set the Download directory (in this case e.g. /mnt/downloads). You can also configure a view premium accounts there.

Now click the tab Add Download(s), add some files, click Manage Downloads and check whether there is any progress.

Last but not released

If you want to compile things yourself, read more here[4].

If it doesn't work for you, please let me know! If it does, stay out of trouble :)
  3. ddclient-php_1.png