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This article Based on work by flavoie at Linkstationwiki.org

Sites like www.dyndns.org allow you to use names like mysite.homelinux.com mysite.dyndns.org instead of your IP address, even if your IP address changes all the time as is often the case with DSL connections.

  • Get an account at www.dyndns.org Write down your dyndns.org username and password, you’ll need it for the dyndns updater configuration. Just for simplicity, let’s assume you created “MyOwnDyndnsAccount” with a “MyOwnDyndnsPassword” password.

  • Create a Dynamic DNS entries at dyndns.org.
example: 3 names
  • Get on your Linkstation using telnet or ssh apt-get install ddclient
apt-get install ddclient
  • You’ll get a few questions from the installer (don't remember the exact order):
    • The interface: "web". You'll need to change that later.
    • username:"MyOwnDyndnsAccount"
    • password:"MyOwnDyndnsPassword"
    • Dyndns hosts list: use commas “,” between the Dyndns host names: mysite1.homelinux.com,mysite2.homelinux.com,mysite3.homelinux.com"
  • you'll need to modify the file directly for the "use=" line, here’s a sample that works

(change "use if=..." to "use=web, web=checkip.dyndns.org"):

Linkstation:/etc# more ddclient.conf
use=web, web=checkip.dyndns.org
Originally by flavoie from linkstationwiki.org