Enable NFS for LS-VL

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Do I need to install a new kernel?

No you don't.
At least with firmware 1.36, Buffalo already built the kernel with NFSD support enabled.

What is missing?

The "only" missing stuff are the nfs_utils.
Unfortunately the optware feed for the LS-VL does not contain the complete nfs_utils due to build problems.
Serendipitously (I always wanted to use this word ;-) ) I built the necessary tools and scripts when I built the Ready-to-use NFS kernel.Do not use this kernel for the LS-VL!

You DO need the package "portmap" from Optware installed!

What do you have to do?

Download this tarball to the share "share":


Then connect as user "root" to your LS-VL via ssh. Change to the root directory.

  cd /

Unpack the tarball.

  tar xvzf /mnt/disk1/share/nfstools.tar.gz

Configure nfsd.

  NFS for Beginners

Either reboot the box or just start the nfsd.

  /etc/rc.d/extensions.d/S98_nfs.sh start

Wait at least one minute before you check for success.

  /etc/rc.d/extensions.d/S98_nfs.sh status

It should return this:

 portmap is running.
 mountd is running.
 nfsd is running.
 statd is running.
 lockd is running.
 All kernel NFS services running.