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Will I lose my data when installing a new firmware?

No and yes. The hard drive partition arrangement and data on hda3, which contains the LinkStation’s Samba, Netatalk, and FTP shares, is preserved between flashes. The data on /dev/hda1, which includes the operating system, will be completely erased.

How can I change my LinkStation’s firmware? The firmware updater won’t allow me to!

The version number for the firmware updater is contained in the file linkstation_version.txt. Change this number to something higher than the existing firmware version. The linkstation_version.txt firmware version number is only used for comparison to the existing firmware version number; the real firmware version is stored inside the flash firmware. Take precaution when downgrading from modified firmware to official firmware because there is version specific information (for example, passwords for extracting the firmware) that Buffalo Technology may change with an update.

I’m trying to run the firmware updater and I receive the following error: The Network Address of the Computer and the LinkStation Differ, Hence an update cannot be completed. Please change one of the IP addresses so that the Network Addresses are the same. How can I run the firmware updater?

Usually when the LinkStation is not connected to anything it will revert to its default IP address of To be able to connect to it and run the update you will need to set your PC to be in the same range as the unit, e.g., If you connect the unit directly to your PC and set the IP address on the PC, you should be able to open the config screen for the LinkStation and then run the update.

I can’t install OpenLink/FreeLink/stock firmware! The firmware updater always fails halfway through. What’s wrong?

The Windows XP firewall is the number one cause of a failed firmware update. Disable all firewalls on or between your PC and LinkStation before running the firmware updater. If your computer has 2 network cards, disable the one which isn’t connected to the LinkStation.

I downloaded a custom firmware and now telnet no longer prompts me for a password. What’s going on?

Since we don’t know the stock root password and cannot overwrite the existing passwd file with a firmware flash (yet), we need an easy way to gain root access. Thus we are forced to automatically open the root shell prompt, enabling the user to make some needed changes. Once you have gained root access to the LinkStation open up /etc/init.d/utelnetd and change:
/sbin/utelnetd -l /bin/bash &
/sbin/utelnetd -l /bin/login &.
Reboot your LinkStation and you’re good to go.