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How can I help?

Please see Get Involved.

How can I submit a bug or feature request?

Please submit all bugs and feature requests via the Mantis bug tracker.

I’m trying to update/submit a wiki article but I’m prompted for a password? What is the password?

Some of the wiki requires a password to edit. Please contact one of the admins if you need write-access to these areas. Users should submit wiki articles to the write-public Articles area of the wiki.

May I copy content from the LinkStationWiki?

Yes, provided you follow the appropriate license(s). Please see LegalIssues for more information.

May I link directly to a file hosted at the LinkStationWiki?

No. Please link to the main page - http://linkstationwiki.net.

Where can I obtain the LinkStation GPL source code from?

The GPL source code may be downloaded from the downloads area or Buffalo Technology’s FTP.

What is the login information for Buffalo Technology’s FTP?

IP address -
Username - public
Password - new stuff

mindbender: this is outdated. even the newer ftp-server mentioned in the "additional FAQ" of the old wiki does not respond.

What does Buffalo Technology think about all this?

We haven’t been contacted by Buffalo Technology nor have we seen them comment on the LinkStationWiki. The Japanese LinkStation hacking community is quite active so it’s safe to assume they are aware of LinkStation hacking and this site.

Who are the administrators?

Mindbender, timtimred, andre and flavoie are part of the admin team.

What website software does the LinkStationWiki use?

We currently are using MediaWiki for the wiki, MiniBB for the forums and Mantis for the bug tracking software.