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FAQ for the LSPro stock / modified Firmware

At the moment most of the info is given only in the linked forums. Please help to add the info gathered there to this page. Thank you!

backup jobs

  • how to remove remove backup jobs [1]
  • The backup options are so weired [2] [3]


  • the system time after reboot is incorrect [4]

japanese web interface

  • after update I have a japanese web interface. What shell I do?

User passwords

  • I want to use special characters in my users passwords (e.g. Umlaute). The webinterface won't let me
  • I want to use long passwords. the webinterface won't let me

the password scripts


  • cups
  • LPRng

Both cups and LRPng are running. At the moment it's not too difficult for linux newbees but no "out of the box" solution. Wiki-Artikle [5] See the thread in the forum [6]

installing another (larger) hard disk

  • I want to replace/upgrade the harddisk of my LS-Pro.

It is possible and not too difficult. Link to mindbenders "Open the LS-Pro" Link to mindbenders "custom partitions"

Is a possible to shut / boot the LS-Pro automatically?

  • It is possible to issue a shutdown command at a specific time via cron (google for cron/crontab!)
  • It is not possible to boot at a given time or via WOL (Wake On Lan). However JonDoe has described hardware modifications making the box boot upon getting power. This makes it possible to turn it on via an external automatic power switch. [7]