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The Kuro Box's Fan

The Kurobox case has a built in 40mm fan, which can run at variable speeds controlled through the microcontroller. In this case the Kurobox has two fan speed presets-- slow or fast.

The fan used in the Kurobox is a ADDA AD0412LX-G76 which measures 40mm x 40mm x 10mm. By looking at the model number, we can extract it's information:

AD ADDA brushless DC fan
04 DC Frame size: 40mm
12 DC Voltage: 12VDC
L Speed: Low
X Bearing Type: HYPRO bearing
G Thickness: 10mm
7 Impeller number: 7 blades
6 Motor protective circuit & Third lead wire: by transistor with speed sensor (FG)
[blank] Fan type: Standard

Source: ADDA Model Numbering Scheme

Fan Control

There are some fan control scripts which will automatically set the fan speedbased on the current temperature of the Hard Drive. You can also manually set the speed from the Linux console.

Fast speed:

# /bin/echo -n ']]]]' > /dev/ttyS1

Slow speed:

# /bin/echo -n '\\\\' > /dev/ttyS1


Kurouto Shikou in Japan sells a replacement parts kit which includes a replacement fan, however, you should be able to replace it with another fan with the same physical dimensions. If you decide to go this route, you will need to make physical modifications to the wire leads from the fan.

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