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Firefly Media Server (formerly mt-daapd) is an open-source media server (or daemon) for the Roku SoundBridge and iTunes. It serves media files using Roku Server Protocol (RSP) and Digital Audio Access Protocol (DAAP).

Its features include:


Firefly Media Server was formerly known as mt-daapd. It was renamed when it adopted new features such as support for RSP and support for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. The instructions for Firefly will involve compiling from the SVN version. This version has a somewhat better web interface than the lastest table release of mt-daapd and a few additional enhancements.


Firefly Openlink


Firefly Freelink


These instructions point to precompiled binaries for the PowerPC linkstations of the lastest stable release of mt-daapd (0.2.4) as well as instructions on how to compile the latest stable release of mt-daapd (0.2.4) from source code.

PowerPC only

Macintosh related configuration: Serving iTunes contents with mt-daapd

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