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The package can be downloaded at

Please read the README.1st file included with this Freelink release.


Intrid-Only Installation:


Users that have not installed a lb_worm's custom initrd or firmwares containing lb_worm's custom initrd must install the "initrd-only" package before installing FreeLink. Failure to do so may result in a failed install or a bricked box. The initrd-only package is included in the FreeLink package. Use the updater found in the initrd-only folder to install the initrd-only package.

Warning Notices

When installing the initrd-only package, there will be an error saying "hddrootfs.img not found", "uImage.buffalo not found". That is expected as we are only updating initrd. The errors can be overridden by using the "Debug Mode" for the Buffalo Updater. To access the debug menu, right-click the "Buffalo Updater Icon" on the Windows context-bar (the bar at the bottom of the screen that spans between the start menu and the clock). Select "Debug(D)..." and the Debug Mode menu will pop up. In the upper left-hand corner of the menu is an "Update" section. Deselect everything in that section except "Update initrd" and hit ok. Then update as usual.

FreeLink Installation

Users may install FreeLink by using the buffalo updater supplied with the FreeLink package. The FreeLink firmware will be installed in the same manner as the stock firmware. Please use a wired-ethernet connection to install FreeLink. Wireless-ethernet connections are known to cause problems. Ignore the "Waited for 240[s] seconds but couldn't confirm..." message at the end of the update and click "No" when the updater asks whether it should wait again for a response. Also ignore any error messages afterwards. The error messages are cause by the fact that FreeLink does not contain the Buffalo Updater Daemon.

Removal of FreeLink

If for some reason FreeLink must be uninstalled, users must boot to the ramdisk (initrd) first. The ramdisk contains the Buffalo Updater Daemon that the Buffalo Updater requires. To boot to the ramdisk, access the linkstation shell via ssh. Run the follow commands:

  1. run "vi /boot/boot_options"
  2. edit the line "MENU_TIMEOUT=4" to read "MENU_TIMEOUT=EM"
  3. run [Esc], ":", "wq"
  4. run "reboot"

The box should boot to the ramdisk after the reboot.

Key notes to remember

This version does not contain the updated kernel 2.6.17. As a result, udev will not work in this release. Also, the FreeLinkomatix script has not been incorporated this FreeLink release yet.

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