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(Info about this freelink)
(One warning is enough.)
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There is a possibility that you could brick your NAS with these instructions. Please make sure that you read the entire page carefully.

From the Forums:

Freelink for the MIPS.

This has been packaged up as a image.dat suitable for flashing, however, it would be advisable for those who have opened their LS2s to unzip it manually an knoppix it onto the box.

==Info about this freelink== download and is currently being uploaded (60Mb) ......

as required by the firmware updater image.dat password =

  • 1NIf_2yUOlRDpYZUVNqboRpMBoZwT4PzoUvOPUp6l

It has a static IP assigned to root password is "root" if required telnet is enabled...no ssh

avr_evtd ver 1.6 - Fully functioning including s/w shutdown/restart, emergency telnet on port 1234 (just two clicks of the reset button)

Installed applications:

  • gcc
  • libc-dev
  • libc6-dev
  • make
  • nano
  • avr_evtd

Good luck all!