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How do I install the hard drive in my kuro and fully assemble my kuro?

Read the instructions that came with your Kuro. They are also available here

Help, I can't ping or login to my new Kuro Box. The power light is on. The link light is on. The other lights are off.

1. The fallback IP address for the Kuro Box is If your computer is not on the same subnet (first three numbers don't match) you will not be able to communicate with your Kuro Box. If only the first 2 numbers match change the subnet mask on your computer to If only the first number matches change the subnet mask to Be sure to change your subnet mask back to its original setting after you have setup your Kuro Box.

2. If all else fails, connect the Kuro Box directly to your computer. Change the IP address of your computer to and change your subnet mask to You should now be able to telnet directly into your Kuro Box at and install your system.

My box is not responding and the DIAG led is blinking. What does that mean?

The LEDs and their meanings are described on the Hardware LEDs page.

Exactly what does the red button on the back do? Will it force EM mode?

The red button's primary function is to disable the watchdog timer. This is useful for kernel development and when using a JTAG cable to repair the flash contents. To disable the watchdog timer press the red button when you power up the Kuro. The Kuro will flash red and green lights if the watchdog timer is disabled.

Its function depends on whether or not you are using U-Boot. If you are using U-Boot, it will either disable the watchdog timer or force EM mode depending when it is pressed. To force EM mode Just start the Kuro and when the power light stops blinking press the red button. Your Kuro will boot in EM mode.

If you are not using U-Boot, and unless you installed U-Boot you are not using it, the red button will not force EM mode unless its function has been changed by a booted operating system. This means that if your Kuro hangs during boot and you are not using U-Boot, the red button cannot be used to force EM mode.

OK, how do I force EM mode?

If you cannot get to an SSH prompt to force EM mode you have two options. The first is to remove the hard disk and replace it with a blank drive and restart it. the Kuro will boot to EM mode. once there you can execute the command echo -n "NGNG" > /dev/fl3 and then shutdown your Kuro and replace the drive with the original drive. The other option is to just install a blank drive in your kuro.

My question isn't answered here. Where else can I look for an answer?

  • You can post a question to the Kurobox Forums (but you should search the forums first.
  • You can [Special:Search search the wiki].
  • You can ask the friendly people in IRC chat. Point your IRC client to #kbox channel.