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This page was created to collect all the GPL-Violations of various Companies regarding the Buffalo Linkstations/Terstations.

The plan is to confront these Companies with the complete Collection at once instead of just asking for bits and pieces every time. We in fact want the sourcecode of everything that wasn`t properly included in the downloadable GPL-packages. If these companies even do not give us everything we should get regarding the GPL, then we most likely will get in touch with read the short english article at wikipedia also.

What is GPL?

Check the german or english wikipedia-articles.

So what does this mean?

The sourcecode of every application/kernel/anything that was licenced under the GPL has to be made available. The package has to be the the exact version of the sourcecode while it was even if it was patched afterwards it has to be released that way. GPL-Violations occur then when companies "forget" to release everything.



This is the GPL for the Information/LSPROOverview aka LS-GL.
Look at the


  1. uboot no sources
  2. lsprcvd, ls_sonar, rsfwdc, rsfwds openssl stuff is linked into these binaries, sources are missing


This is the GPL for the HS aka LS-GL.
Look at the