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* [[:Category:Howto|How To's]]
* [[:Category:Howto|How To's]]
* [[:Category:FAQ|FAQs]]
* [[:Category:FAQ|FAQs]]
* [[:Category:Info|Technical Info]]
* [[:Category:Idea|Half-baked Ideas]]
* [[:Category:Projects|Projects]]
* [[:Category:Projects|Projects]]
* [http://kurobox.com/forums Forum]
* [http://kurobox.com/forums Forum]

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How to get involved!

Every community has its own set of rules. Here are ours:

  1. those who ask questions, update the wiki when they get the answers
  2. those who complain about the documentation, update the wiki to make it better 

Start here:

Be sure to check out the sales and marketing site.

Happy hacking! - The Kurobox developer community

About the Wiki

The user - waite - is the Wiki evangalist and admin but as with any wiki, the more the help the better the results.

There are still a few growing pains that are going to occur here as we really work out all the configurations. Please, Please, Please PM or email waite with any bug reports. Eventually there will be a wiki page for wiki bugs but till then please let waite know. His email is linwoes@gmail.com

A great way to start helping out on this wiki, (besides making your own little blog style wikis on the Blogs page) would be to gather some of the great work and knowledge from the mailing list, forum and generally in the community conscience, into the FAQs, HowTo and Info areas.

If you want to play around with Wiki text formatting, use the Wiki Sandbox.

You should have no problem creating your own account on the new wiki and getting started with some content.

You can send waite a private message (PM) from the Forum if you encounter any problems here.