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  tar -C / -xzvf latest_openlinkhelper.tar.gz  
  tar -C / -xzvf latest_openlinkhelper.tar.gz  
  tar -C / -xzvf latest_webinstaller.tar.gz  
  tar -C / -xzvf latest_webinstaller.tar.gz  
If all runs well you finally can install the kernel:

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Getting OpenLink on the HS

From: The Linkstation Community Forum / Linkstation HS (ppc) / 300GB Home Server Questions

  1. Download both the HS-DGL-Firmware and the HG-Openlink
    1. http://downloads.linkstationwiki.net/stock_firmware/hs-dgl_DirectCopy_149_107.zip (stock or the telnet-enabled, both have the firmware-updater included)
    2. http://linkstationwiki.net/downloads/openlink/hg-openlink-051b.zip
  2. Unzip both packages in a seperate folder
  3. Copy the image.dat from the openlink-HG-package over the image.dat of the HS-DGL-Folder.
  4. Run the firmware-updater and upgrade the firmware

After that you have openlink 0.51b on your HS. Then you have to deal with the problem that your box will somehow "soft-reboot" every 5 minutes....it is no real reboot as all told me...

Configure internet access

For the kernel 2.6-webinstaller to run you need your HS be able to connect to the internet. If you use dhcp all is fine.

if you use a static IP, execute

echo 'nameserver' > /etc/resolv.conf

This is a public nameserver....you can replace the IP with the nameserver of your choice...for example the same you use on your other hosts.

Solve the "soft-reboot" problem

From: The Linkstation Community Forum / Linkstation HS (ppc) / Patch a HS-D300GL - NFS Server

Get two files:

mkdir /var/tmp/kernel-inst
cd /var/tmp/kernel-inst
wget -c http://downloads.linkstationwiki.net/mirrors/hvkls.dyndns.org/latest-openlinkhelper.tar.gz 
 wget -c http://downloads.linkstationwiki.net/mirrors/hvkls.dyndns.org/latest-webinstaller.tar.gz 
tar -C / -xzvf latest_openlinkhelper.tar.gz 
tar -C / -xzvf latest_webinstaller.tar.gz