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You have several options for your Kurobox. You can install Revolution's standard software (although the install program is somewhat buggy and the default interface is in Japanese. Check out the Revolution page for instructions and pointers.

For the more experienced user there are several operating systems. All of these operating systems have home pages and can be accessed by clicking on the Project title listed under the Main Categories heading on the sidebar menu on the left side of all pages in this wiki.

It is suggested that you browse through the wiki and read through the forums for information on how to setup your Kurobox. When posting to the forums please be sure to post in the correct forum and make sure your posts have useful subjects. You will find that you get a better response to a post with the title "Need help installing Gentoo" than you will with a subject of "Need help".

There is no end to the applications the Kurobox can handle. With a little imagination and some research your Kuro will be doing tricks you never imagined. Here are some examples of what people are doing with their Kurobox. If you have an interesting application, feel free to add to this list.

  • Network Attached Storage
  • Media file server
  • Media player
  • VOIP server
  • Mail server
  • Web server
  • FTP server
  • Network router
  • Wireless Gateway