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=Led Description=
=LED Description=
==Power LED (green)==
==Power LED (green)==

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LED Description

Power LED (green)

on Normal
Blink At bootup, prior to ppc_uartd starting, Just prior to ppc_uartd starting to write to flash memory
Blink Slowly   Setting timer

If ppc_uartd is not started for some reason, it remains blinking, and then after few minutes, DIAG LED blinks 6 times(hard disk error), 6 times, 6 times, ... finally the box shutsdown.


orange   10BASE-T
green 100BASE-TX
blue 1000BASE-T(only HGLAN)


on Disk full
blink   Writing to flash memory

DIAG LED (red)

3 times blink   Partition warning: /dev/hda3 is not mounted on /mnt. You can ignore it.
4 times blink Problem with the cooling fan - probably rotor jammed.
5 times blink Problem with the flash memory*
6 times blink Hard drive not found. Or ppc_uartd is not running.
7 times blink Problem with the RAM/LAN/HDD controller.
blink many times   Writing to flash memory.
   * Sometimes, you can recover from a flash memory error by pulling out power cord and try again after one night.

Table copied from http://www.yamasita.jp/linkstation.en/led.html with minor rewording. nobuakiy helped with the translation.

Notes Users have reported problems when the drive already has a Linux partition on it - the diag light blinks 6 times. The solution appears to be to simply to reformat the drive.