HowTo add a PrintServer to the LSPro

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HowTo add a PrintServer to the LSPro

Due to the fact, that the LSPro has no PrintServer on board, like the other boxes so far, here are two ways to add a PrintServer to your box. In fact, one of the differences between the LSPro and the LSLive is, that the LSLive has the mentioned PrintServer. So with these instructions you can add this functionality to your LSPro.

There are mainly two ways have a PrintServer on your Linux Box:

 1) By using the LPRng toolset and spooling the raw content from Windows-Machines to the printer (this is the way the other boxes are using)
 2) By using an intelligent printing subsystem like CUPS on your box

Installing and Using LPRng

The following procedures have been tested with the "jytmod5-fixed firmware" but should also work with the stock firmware. NOTE: The point here is, that we update the web-interface, as it has been done in the jytmod-version.

     Therefore it is recommended to have the jytmod5-fixed firmware installed (otherwise test & report, please)

The first thing we need to do is, to install a kernel, that has USB-Printing support compiled in: Therefore you need to download a kernel, that has this in:

You should download the file from the following directory (needs to be changed after reorganization):

Now you need to put the kernel into the box, by using the Updater, BUT make sure you JUST update the kernel by the following:

1) Extract the uimage.usb-print kernel to the directory, where the jytmo5 firmware is located (assuming you still have that extracted).

2) Modify the linkstation_version.txt file that it reads:

  "FILE_KERNEL = uimage.usb-print" insted of "FILE_KERNEL = uImage.buffalo"

3) Start LSUpdater, enter there the Debug-mode (right-click on the task-bar Icon)

4) Deselect BOOT, INITRD, ROOTFS, so that ONLY "Update Kernel" is left on the left hand side.

5) Update the LS-Pro with this new kernel.

After a successful reboot we need to modify some things, before installing the package. Therefore telnet into the box (or ssh) and login as root:

6) make device node for usblp, by

  "mknod /dev/usb/lp0 c 180 0"
  "chmod a+w /dev/usb/lp0"
  NOTE: make sure it is /dev/usb/lp0, not something else like /dev/usblp0 

7) make the following new directories:

  "chmod 777" all of them (including the spool directory [the parent]) and let root own them (chown root:root /mnt/disk1/spool -R)

8) make /dev/null available for all

  "chmod 777 /dev/null"

9) make sure you have in /dev/usb the lp0 node and 'chmod a+w' to it (important, otherwise you can't print)

10)Download the LPRng package for LSPro:

  Download the package, that includes the LPRng & web-interface:
  put the tgz file to "/"

11)untar the file

  "tar -xzf lprng-withweb_2.01.tgz"

12)Get to the Web-Interface (maintenance->printer)

13)Share the printer and give a Windows-Share Name for the printer and 'apply'

This should turn you LSPro into a Print-Server and adds a Share (which you have named in the Web-Interface).

CUPS for LSPro

  • to be added*