IPSec-VPN on Stock Kernel

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Attention: What ever you do, you do it on your own risk


You have to have firmware 1.34 already installed and opened for telnet access. If not, you can find a guide here: Open Stock Firmware LS-XHL

For Firmwares before 1.34 this also may work, but it's unknown if the IPSEC-XL2TP Packages are also in there.

What's the aim ?

The aim is to realize a VPN-Server that uses L2TP-IPSec as tunneling technology.

Why this, and not PPTP ? The issue with PPTP is, that it needs MPPE support within the kernel, which is simply not there.

Therefore we are going to use IPSec & L2TP, as they are more secury in most scenarios in any way.

What is needed ?

The good news are: everything is already on the box, you don't have to install any external software-package at all.

The bad news: The packages are configured to be used for a service called PocketU (only in Japan). As a matter of fact all boxes outside of Japan are not using those things at all.