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(IRC Chat from 4th April 2006)
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== IRC Chat from 4th April 2006 ==
== IRC Chat from 4th April 2006 ==

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IRC Chat from 4th April 2006

[22:34] mindbender: hi Bauldrick
[22:39] Bauldrick: sorry………hi
[22:39] Bauldrick: look the wiki
[22:40] mindbender: gg
[22:40] mindbender: Now try to load some kernel modules…
[22:40] mindbender: is inmod, lsmod, rmmod and so on working as it should?
[22:40] mindbender: but it looks good :)
[22:41] Bauldrick: lsmod shows stuff
[22:41] mindbender: just do an “modprobe nfsd”
[22:42] Bauldrick: i’m no expert - so talk me through
[22:43] mindbender: i am also no expert :)
[22:43] mindbender: but thanks for trying
[22:43] mindbender: so …
[22:43] Bauldrick: that shos Module Size Used by
[22:43] Bauldrick: nfsd 123096 0
[22:43] Bauldrick: exportfs 7264 1 nfsd
[22:43] Bauldrick: lockd 77684 1 nfsd
[22:43] Bauldrick: nfs_acl 5632 1 nfsd
[22:43] Bauldrick: sunrpc 189072 3 nfsd,lockd,nfs_acl
[22:43] Bauldrick: md5 6592 1
[22:43] Bauldrick: ipv6 343620 10
[22:43] Bauldrick: usb_storage 56740 0
[22:43] Bauldrick: rd 8868 1
[22:43] mindbender: even usb storage is there? now look at the webinterface if anything isn´t workin..
[22:44] mindbender: do you have an usb-hdd or a printer?
[22:44] mindbender: i mean attached?
[22:45] mindbender: then try to print or look if there is something at /mnt2/usbdisk
[22:45] Bauldrick: i’ll just do it hang on -
[22:45] mindbender: ….but again thx for trying :)
[22:46] mindbender: just look if everything behaves normal….if yes we have won….
[22:46] mindbender: besides: notice the new name of the firmware in the status screen :)
[22:47] mindbender: of the webinterface of course..
[22:47] bauerbob has joined
[22:47] Bauldrick: Openlink 0.7, Base: 1.51 nice
[22:47] mindbender: lol….its working.
[22:47] bauerbob: for ls2?
[22:48] mindbender: no sorry….only for ls1…..as long as there is no loader.o for mips it won`t work….
[22:48] bauerbob: arrrrrrgh, don’t put so much pressure on me :-) (…or is there anyone else working on a loader module for mips?)
[22:48] mindbender: hehe…
[22:49] mindbender: i talked with two others who also said that they will look into it
[22:49] mindbender: maybe you have luck….
[22:49] mindbender: it isn`t much….but assembler :/
[22:50] bauerbob: exactly :-(
[22:51] mindbender: maybe if we all try together we could create one…i would help….but i know no mips assembler at all…
[22:51] mindbender: but we could create a new project for that…
[22:52] mindbender: then we will see how many guys are willing to help…..
[22:52] bauerbob: http://chortle.ccsu.edu/AssemblyTutorial/TutorialContents.html <— here’s a nice tutorial
[22:53] bauerbob: and i’ve also downloaded some cpu specs from the manufacturer of the cpu - there’s some assembler included in the pdfs
[22:54] bauerbob: but my problem is: when i want to look how the loader module is programmed for ppc i will also have to learn ppc assembly
[22:54] mindbender: i just bookmarked it again…i will look into it tommorow evening
[22:54] mindbender: yes, absolutely :(
[22:55] mindbender: is there something equal for ppc?
[22:55] mindbender: alrady seearched for that?
[22:55] bauerbob: a tut? no, i haven’t found one
[22:55] Bauldrick: USB DETAILS > Error
[22:55] Bauldrick: Failed to read in information.
[22:55] Bauldrick: Please re-open setup screen.
[22:55] Bauldrick: Back
[22:55] mindbender: hmmm…interesting…
[22:56] mindbender: th same happened with openlink 0.60 beta
[22:56] mindbender: i will look into that error…
[22:56] Bauldrick: don’t
[22:56] mindbender: why not?
[22:56] Bauldrick: it shows up now after loging back in
[22:56] bauerbob: maybe i’ve got some specs for ppc assembly somewhere on my hdd, because i was once on the way to check out the ibm rs/6000 smp code in the kernel, because it is buggy for the 603e cpu, which is also a ppc one….but somehow i lost my interess in it
[22:57] mindbender: @bauldrick: that is ven more greater ;)
[22:57] Bauldrick: sorry - no it is still there
[22:57] mindbender: damn :/
[22:57] mindbender: @bauerbob….i understand…
[22:57] Bauldrick: there was that type of prob in 0.6???
[22:58] mindbender: yes….but i thought th updated murasaki was the reason…
[22:58] mindbender: but bauldrick…you can try the following…
[22:58] mindbender: you can prevent your linkstation from booting into the 2.6-kernel..
[22:59] mindbender: then you can look if the usb-details error is also there
[22:59] Bauldrick: ok
[23:00] mindbender: you can do this in /etc/default/bootloader or so… i don`t know the filname exactly
[23:02] mindbender: change NO_START to 1
[23:02] Bauldrick: NO_START=“1″??
[23:02] mindbender: then reboot
[23:02] Bauldrick: ;)
[23:03] mindbender: what was the default value? if 0 change to 1, if 1 change to 0
[23:03] mindbender: then reboot….
[23:03] Bauldrick: just rebooting
[23:05] mindbender: i think we will be able to iron this error somehow out…..i don`t know what the reason is for that….but if i find it will make openlink really better…
[23:08] mindbender: have you connected any usb stuff to your ls1?
[23:08] Bauldrick: no - it’s fine once 2.4 is reloaded
[23:09] mindbender: well…but i will find the problem for that..
[23:09] Bauldrick: yes - printer in the front and a hub
[23:09] Bauldrick: at the back
[23:09] mindbender: a usb harddisk?
[23:10] Bauldrick: haven’t got one - memory card but that needs work to show up?
[23:10] mindbender: hmm….maybe th old version of murasaki is the problem…
[23:11] mindbender: only 0.811 and 0.91 have 2.6-support…
[23:11] Bauldrick: and on here is?
[23:11] mindbender: and we have only 0.61…which was only made for kernel 2.4….
[23:12] mindbender: but Bauldrick: THANK YOU FOR TRYING
[23:12] Bauldrick: no problem
[23:12] mindbender: i will try to create a firmware with the supplied tmpimage.tgz….
[23:12] Bauldrick: I’ve currently got a 6GB LS running openlink 0.7!!!!!!!!!!
[23:12] mindbender: hehe ;)
[23:13] mindbender: but you have a beta version of course ;)
[23:13] mindbender: it just moved from alpha to beta ;)
[23:13] Bauldrick: honoured
[23:14] mindbender: great guys ;) …. i will try to find the error…i will report back my success :)
[23:14] mindbender: but now i am opening some beers ;) …..
[23:15] Bauldrick: congrats - pat yourself on the back, and thankYOU
[23:16] mindbender: so… i am off guys….gn8 to all…time for beer ;)