Incremental Update OpenLink 0.5x 0.73b

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This script is should update your OpenLink 0.5x to 0.73b. Look at the talk-page if you want to have a look at the source.

Forum Thread: Incremental update for OpenLink 0.5x -> 0.73b (LS1/HG/HS) available

Change Log of the script:
v5: added the removal of the unnecessary dropbear-stuff....dropbear was replaced by OpenSSH...
v4: added missing busybox-binary to the update-package
v3: added /etc/ (/opt/lib) & /etc/profile (PATH to /opt/bin & /opt/sbin) to the update-tarball
changed links in /www/cgi-bin4/applaunch.cgi to be relative and removed the unnecessary perl stuff
v2: disabled first startup script which is only needed if complete image is reflashed and which caused a 6 times flash
v1: initial release